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The Bee Gees Bonanza - The early days


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Side 1:

1. Where are you

2. Spicks and specks

3.  Playdown

4. Big chance

5. Glass house

6. How many birds


Side 2:

1. Secondhand people

2. I don't know why i brother with myself

3. Monday's rain

4. Tint of blue

5. Jingle jangle

6. Born a man


Side 3:

1. I was a lover, a leader of men

2. Follow the wind

3. Claustrophobia

4. Theme from 'jaimie mc pheeters

5. Everyday i have to cry

6. Take hold of that star


Side 4:

1.Could it be

2. To be or not to be

3. Three kisses of love

4. Cherry red

5.All of my life

6. Don't say goodbye 


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